Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Next month,from february 22 to march 21, I will go to China. Beijing and Shanghai! This is my first visit ing on china. I have been studied chinese for two years. And throw the study, I could know about chinese and chinese cultures. And fortunately, I could make a lot of chinese friends who study in AGU. They are very wise and smart. Of corce they can speak Japanese very well, as if they were Japanese. I always be surprised by their Japanese. Thesedays, Japan and China are not on good relationship. But I believe that someday we can reconcile with and make it up. Mr koizumi should try to make our relationship much better.

Friday, January 20, 2006

When I got up today,the ground was covered with snow! And now also it is snowing thick and fast. I love snow since I was children. In tokyo, it seldom snow. So today's precious snowing is very glad for me. But too cold to go out... I have aged a lot lately,maybe. Before, on the day when it snowed, I was very glad and happy! However, thesedays, not so much...I don't want to get old.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Today, I took a trian. And in that train, I watched a heart-warming scene. There was a forigner, maybe European. He is about forty years old. At first, he was sitting. But at the next station, a parent and child came into the train. Then, he stood up and offerd his seat to them. This was very glad thing to me, though this was only simple thing. This is just what is called "gentleman"!
I was moved by his acction. If ,in Japan, foreigner like him increase in the future, Japan will be able to get on foreigners much better , I thought.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Long time no seen,isn't it? How are you? Today, I will write about christmas party.
Last december 28, I joined the christmas party which aimed at communicate with students from abroad. About 60 people joined this party. At this party,student from chinese told me very interesting story. Before she came to Japan,she studied Japanese for a year. At that time, she was told abot japanese "zenzen~(全然~)"by teacher like this . “IN japan, "zenzen" was used with "nai" as pairs, like "zenzen ~ nai(全然~ない)". ” However, after she came to Japan, she noticed this was not necessarily true. These days, young Japanese use this word in wrong way. These days, "zenzen" means like "very". For example, "zenzen sugoi(全然すごい)"or "zenzen yabai(全然やばい)". For her, this is very surprising thing. By told this story by her, I noticed about this for the first time. As she said, this is very strange usage. Japanese is very difficult for japanese, I thought.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Yesterday, I went to SENDAGAYA.Because,at there,the seminar to explain to us about study abroad was took place.Next spring vacation,I will go to CHINA,Beijing and Shanghai!Now I have studied Chainese for two years. And for me this language is very interesting! I am addicted to China.
These days, China and Japan do not have a good relationship. For example,in 2004 at beijing's soccer asia cup.Chinese supporters strugglede with Japanese player or supporter.This scene was braodcasted by mass media in Japan,many Japanese had a negative image of Chinese attitude. But, this image was only made by media,and so,Chinese are not so bad people.NO, the chinese I know are rather good people. So, I want to know chinese more,and make this relationship much better.Because of these reasons , I am going to go China next spring.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

This week, in hiroshima,the case of mureder by foreigner happened. Pupil, only seven yeasrs old lady, was killed. The suspect of this case is Peruvian,30 years old. He said to lawyer that the devil handle me and made me kill the girl. Because of this case, Japanese get to have much worse image to the foreigner who live in Japan. From a long time ago, some Japanese have negetive images to foreigner. Unfortunately, this case accelerated this image. What a lot of foreigners come to Japan to live sometimes have these kind of problems. Diversity is not necessarily good.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Hi! Today, Do you know "hanayori dango"? This is japanese popular comic. And now this is remaked as drama, and braodcasted. In this darama, a young actor "abe chikara" appeared. He was born in china. but when he was nine years old, he came to japan with his family, and naturalized in japan. So he can speak japanese and chinese very fluently. Therefore, he can appear japnese and chinese drama or movie. Like him, these days, we see more and more actors or actresses who can speak a lot of languages . They act as a go-between for japan and another country. This is one of the intercultural communication. As they flourish in many country, they can arouse public interest in another country. So, their sprint is very good thing!!